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Our Vision

" Where there is no vision, the people perish" Proverbs 29:18.   The vision that God has given me for Calvary is that it would be a ministry that is R.E.A.L., that is "Relevant, Empowering, Accountable and Loving." 


The ministry of Calvary Christian Center is relevant to the world we live in by addressing social issues that challenge our community, such as drug addiction, poverty, education, crime, broken families, etc. 


The ministry of Calvary makes the believer the main focus, which allows effective ministry to take place.  Calvary is a glorious ministry that gives seed to other ministries.  Discipleship is a focus as Calvary empowers families and individuals. 


Calvary is a church where the leadership is accountable to God and His local body at Calvary.  The leadership lives godly lives that reflect high moral standards.  And the covenantors are expected to do the same.  Calvary will forever hold the Word in the highest esteem. 


Calvary operates in the love of God in all situations.  We restore our brothers and sisters overtaken in faults, considering our own selves, lest we be tempted.  We seek to restore and heal broken relationships and to forgive in all situations. 

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