A Better Way to Invite People to Church - And to Jesus

Attending church for the first time is hard. But we can make it easier for people if we do this one thing.

Israel Steinmetz makes a simple, yet profound point. “You know what’s awkward? Going to a new church. You know what’s worse? Going to a new church when you’re not already friends with someone who goes there.”

Inviting people to church is easy for us, but hard for them. Inviting them to our home is harder for us, but easier for them.

Jesus never made it hard for us and easy on him. And he's our example.

So go ahead and invite people to church. But make it one step in a journey of drawing them to Jesus. A journey that usually begins by getting to know them – and inviting them to see a genuine expression of Jesus in us.

It's nice to go to a church that's friendly. It's better to go to church with a friend.

So what's the point in the message? Invite people to be a part of your life and invite them to your home or out for a coffee and not just a church event or service.


Below are six invite challenges to engage with inviting someone to church. 

Invite Card