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Serve Our Church

 Your involvement at Calvary Christian Center matters because your service really makes a difference. The opportunities listed below describe many of the service opportunities where we need your help. Please look around and then contact the leader for the ministry you would like to volunteer.

Music & Arts

The Music & Arts Ministry Team serves the church by: Creating an atmosphere of worship, to encourage and lead the congregation into the presence of the Lord, and to facilitate and create an atmosphere where the presence of the Lord can dwell. Our goal is to lead people into the manifest presence of the Lord, through (Music-Instruments, Song, Dance, and Drama).

Children's Ministry

Our children's ministry seeks to provide biblical teachings and instructions in a loving and caring environment where children can be drawn to Jesus Christ and learn to seek Him earnestly, serve Him faithfully, and share Him boldly with others. Learning, growth and fun are achieved through the implementation of an exciting curriculum. 


The Hospitality Ministry serves our church members, guests and community in a mighty way. We love for people to have a great time at Calvary.You can expect to have fun, care for new people, share community with your team, and play a significant role in helping someone have a wonderful experience.